Beautiful Tea Experiences for Everyone!

We offer a beautifully curated, full-service event setup with dedicated baristas for events small and large. Whether you need tea service for a small pop-up gathering or a conference serving 500+ people, we have a program to suit your needs

Our Tea Party  catering programs are designed for personalized service at every level. We’ve worked with cafés, restaurants, conferences, pop-up events, office spaces, local farmers’ markets, specialty markets, boutiques, hotels and travel destinations.


Catering Includes:

  • Tea cupping, tasting & selection
  • Equipment setup and breakdown
  • Condiments, dairy/non-dairy products, supplies
  • Our exceptional Baristas
  • Promotional & Educational Materials

Service Options: 

  1. Cambro Batch Brewing: Premium, batch brewed, on­-demand self-service.
  2. Iced tea: Custom one-gallon glass containers or five-gallon kegs.
  3. Wholesale Beans. Wholesale beans for your own catering needs.
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